Wolfenstein Enemy Territory




Relive World War II from your PC


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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is an application that is exclusively for multiplayer's from which you will be able to relive some of the battles that took place during World War II.

The game unfolds itself in first person. In it, the player will chose one of two bands: The Allies (United States, Great Britain, France) or the others (Germany, Italy, and Japan).

Your will play with players next to you to reach objectives in the settings, with scores of players all around the world. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory reflects on actual events that happened like: landings, sieges, defenses, etcetera.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory will give you the opportunity to select the type of character you want, in them are a doctor, an engineer, or a soldier. The player will start with zero experience, but it will grow and get better and be able to get better abilities and aptitudes. Try it! You've got nothing to lose.
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